Sunday, June 29, 2008

The house

I finally had time to take pictures of our new house, so here you go! I also included some pictures of the kids doing some of the fun activities we have been doing the past couple weeks.

The kids are having such a good time living here. They are really enjoying the backyard and the freedom. Ayden has become good friends with some of the kids that live on our street. There is a little boy named Ivan who lives acroos the street. Ayden and Ivan get along so well. They both get so excited to play with eachother and are very upset when it is time to go inside.

Spence starts his internship on Tuesday. Keep him in your prayers that all may go well.....nobody dies! Just kidding! His first month is pretty calm. He only has 12 shifts and they are only 8 hours. So they are easing him into things slowly. He is really excited about getting back into the hospital and seeing patients again. It has been about 3 months since he has really seen patients so he is a little nervous also.

I am going to get cheesy for a moment. Our friend Ellen from New York wrote in her blog about missing everyone, and while she is really excited about where they are, they are missing good friends to share their joy with. Spence and I feel the exact same way. We made such good friends in New York. Nobody understands what we went through the past 4 years better then them. I feel like a big piece of myself is missing. I just wanted to once again tell all the new yorkers how much you meant to us. You all played a huge part in our lives. We love you!


Christina said...

We love you too and are so glad we can keep up with one another through our blogs!

Ellen said...

Hey, thanks for the mention! We love you guys too a lot and the only thing that keeps me happy that we don't live by each other is seeing Ayden's and Hudson's ecstatic faces at their new digs and adventures (and that you get that sweet kitchen). I'm so happy for you guys.

Kendra Leigh said...

Beautiful home! You have 2 sinks in your bathroom!!! But I love that you're keepin' it real with the Fresh Direct boxes!

Jessica said...

we miss you guys too -- Noah still talks about Ayden and Hudson and I have a hard time explaining where you guys are!

so great to see the new house and your happy little boys!