Saturday, June 21, 2008

Park Place

Today we ventured around our town a little bit. We discovered a nice state park a little over a mile away. I can't believe we have a forest only miles away. It made for a beautiful picnic. There is a nature trail, just the right length, a swimming hole, an old historical sawmill with museum and all, and plenty of space for the kids to get dirty. Coming from NY we are still in awe from the outdoors that we have missed for four years. There is still so much to explore.

In trying to do so, I found my first geocache today. It was a lot of fun learning to use my GPS on a little treasure hunt. There are several caches around my house so that will keep me busy and keep me exploring. I think the boys are going to like the treasure hunting as well.

Monday, my orientation starts and by the end of next week, I should have a shift in the ED. I am getting really nervous, but at the same time very excited. I only wish I remembered more. It has been a while since I have seen a patient and it is amazing how much I seem to have forgotten. But this week, I had my BLS, ACLS, and PALS training--lifesaving classes where I learn to use the defibrillator paddles and administer drugs to bring people back from the dead. I hate to say this but I am looking forward to doing so. Its the revelation of the sick doctor mind in me. It is an odd bunch that gets excited about other people's diseases, ailments, and tradgedy. I guess that is where we can help out the most and aren't we all glad that someone likes that kind of stuff?

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