Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ayden and Hudson and the Quest for the Father's Day Treasure

We have really been enjoying the last week despite the super warm weather. It is still humid and in the high 90s but cooling off a bit. At least compared to last week, it seems a bit cooler. So we have been braving the outdoors a little bit more. The kids are going to love it here. Yesterday, we went to a picnic the the residents from the Emergency Medicine program and had a great time. The residents that I will be working with are all great. The boys loved running around, playing in the dirt, and meeting new people. We even saw a turtle and caught a firefly. It was outdoor heaven. And today, our neighbor, whom the boys adore, brought over a toad he had caught in his yard. They loved playing with it and Ayden had a fun time holding it, dropping it, and catching it again. Hudson just kept calling it a "bug" but knew it was a frog.
And we went exploring out in the field behind our house to film this video for Father's Day. I think they had a fun time despite the pressures of a demanding director. I can't help but notice now as I watch it how Hudson loses his map, his backpack, his cup, and then his hat. I guess we are lucky we didn't lose him. But I can already tell he is going to enjoy the outdoors and all of our new friends.

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