Sunday, June 29, 2008

The house

I finally had time to take pictures of our new house, so here you go! I also included some pictures of the kids doing some of the fun activities we have been doing the past couple weeks.

The kids are having such a good time living here. They are really enjoying the backyard and the freedom. Ayden has become good friends with some of the kids that live on our street. There is a little boy named Ivan who lives acroos the street. Ayden and Ivan get along so well. They both get so excited to play with eachother and are very upset when it is time to go inside.

Spence starts his internship on Tuesday. Keep him in your prayers that all may go well.....nobody dies! Just kidding! His first month is pretty calm. He only has 12 shifts and they are only 8 hours. So they are easing him into things slowly. He is really excited about getting back into the hospital and seeing patients again. It has been about 3 months since he has really seen patients so he is a little nervous also.

I am going to get cheesy for a moment. Our friend Ellen from New York wrote in her blog about missing everyone, and while she is really excited about where they are, they are missing good friends to share their joy with. Spence and I feel the exact same way. We made such good friends in New York. Nobody understands what we went through the past 4 years better then them. I feel like a big piece of myself is missing. I just wanted to once again tell all the new yorkers how much you meant to us. You all played a huge part in our lives. We love you!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Park Place

Today we ventured around our town a little bit. We discovered a nice state park a little over a mile away. I can't believe we have a forest only miles away. It made for a beautiful picnic. There is a nature trail, just the right length, a swimming hole, an old historical sawmill with museum and all, and plenty of space for the kids to get dirty. Coming from NY we are still in awe from the outdoors that we have missed for four years. There is still so much to explore.

In trying to do so, I found my first geocache today. It was a lot of fun learning to use my GPS on a little treasure hunt. There are several caches around my house so that will keep me busy and keep me exploring. I think the boys are going to like the treasure hunting as well.

Monday, my orientation starts and by the end of next week, I should have a shift in the ED. I am getting really nervous, but at the same time very excited. I only wish I remembered more. It has been a while since I have seen a patient and it is amazing how much I seem to have forgotten. But this week, I had my BLS, ACLS, and PALS training--lifesaving classes where I learn to use the defibrillator paddles and administer drugs to bring people back from the dead. I hate to say this but I am looking forward to doing so. Its the revelation of the sick doctor mind in me. It is an odd bunch that gets excited about other people's diseases, ailments, and tradgedy. I guess that is where we can help out the most and aren't we all glad that someone likes that kind of stuff?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ayden and Hudson and the Quest for the Father's Day Treasure

We have really been enjoying the last week despite the super warm weather. It is still humid and in the high 90s but cooling off a bit. At least compared to last week, it seems a bit cooler. So we have been braving the outdoors a little bit more. The kids are going to love it here. Yesterday, we went to a picnic the the residents from the Emergency Medicine program and had a great time. The residents that I will be working with are all great. The boys loved running around, playing in the dirt, and meeting new people. We even saw a turtle and caught a firefly. It was outdoor heaven. And today, our neighbor, whom the boys adore, brought over a toad he had caught in his yard. They loved playing with it and Ayden had a fun time holding it, dropping it, and catching it again. Hudson just kept calling it a "bug" but knew it was a frog.
And we went exploring out in the field behind our house to film this video for Father's Day. I think they had a fun time despite the pressures of a demanding director. I can't help but notice now as I watch it how Hudson loses his map, his backpack, his cup, and then his hat. I guess we are lucky we didn't lose him. But I can already tell he is going to enjoy the outdoors and all of our new friends.

Friday, June 6, 2008

We have arrived!

After 4 long years, Spence has finally officially graduated from medical school! Yay! He is offically Dr. Smith. We even have the m&m's to prove it! It was a really good ceremony with a lot of tears. I saw Spence on the jumbo tron and lost it. It all become real. I am so proud of him and all that he has accomplished. He is an amazing husband and father. I love you Spence!
We left the city last week and moved to Durham, North Carolina. A big change from New York! The move didn't go as smoothly as planned. We had hoped to get out of the city no later then 10:00 pm. Instead it was 12:30 am. Thanks to all who helped. Without you it would not have been possible. The drive went okay. After parking tickets, messed up toll roads, Hudson vomitting in the back seat (thanks mom for cleaning that up!), losing Spence, sore bums.... we made it to Durham safe. We LOVE our new home. It is amazing!! I have a real kitchen with an island and a pantry! I never thought I would have a pantry! We have a laundry room! Ayden doesn't like that part. He is mad he doesn't get to put quarters in the machine. "It's not fair!" he keeps saying. Behind our house is a huge field which in a year or so will be homes, but for now it is a field with a little pond. At night frogs come out. I have no idea how many, but they are loud! To many it would probably me annoying listening to frogs croak all night, but we love it. After living in the city, we are used to noise outside. I think we would have a hard time if it was silent outside. The kids are having so much fun running around outside. They go exploring in the field and found there is also turtles in the pond. At night we see fireflies. It is all so surreal. There is a swimming pool in our neighborhood. We took the kids there today and they were in heaven. I think they are adjusting to the change well. Hudson wasn't sure at first, but he is coming around. Spence is having fun buying things for the lawn and getting excited about doing those things. I feel like we a finally living our lives the way we have dreamed. Don't worry family, we are still planning on coming back to Utah!
We are really excited to be starting this new chapter in our lives. Sorry about the long post!
I will post some pictures of the house as soon as things get a little more organized.
We love you all!

P.S. Congrats Adam and Jenni on the arrival of Tess! 4lbs 12oz. Sad I am not there to see her! We love you guys!