Friday, June 6, 2008

We have arrived!

After 4 long years, Spence has finally officially graduated from medical school! Yay! He is offically Dr. Smith. We even have the m&m's to prove it! It was a really good ceremony with a lot of tears. I saw Spence on the jumbo tron and lost it. It all become real. I am so proud of him and all that he has accomplished. He is an amazing husband and father. I love you Spence!
We left the city last week and moved to Durham, North Carolina. A big change from New York! The move didn't go as smoothly as planned. We had hoped to get out of the city no later then 10:00 pm. Instead it was 12:30 am. Thanks to all who helped. Without you it would not have been possible. The drive went okay. After parking tickets, messed up toll roads, Hudson vomitting in the back seat (thanks mom for cleaning that up!), losing Spence, sore bums.... we made it to Durham safe. We LOVE our new home. It is amazing!! I have a real kitchen with an island and a pantry! I never thought I would have a pantry! We have a laundry room! Ayden doesn't like that part. He is mad he doesn't get to put quarters in the machine. "It's not fair!" he keeps saying. Behind our house is a huge field which in a year or so will be homes, but for now it is a field with a little pond. At night frogs come out. I have no idea how many, but they are loud! To many it would probably me annoying listening to frogs croak all night, but we love it. After living in the city, we are used to noise outside. I think we would have a hard time if it was silent outside. The kids are having so much fun running around outside. They go exploring in the field and found there is also turtles in the pond. At night we see fireflies. It is all so surreal. There is a swimming pool in our neighborhood. We took the kids there today and they were in heaven. I think they are adjusting to the change well. Hudson wasn't sure at first, but he is coming around. Spence is having fun buying things for the lawn and getting excited about doing those things. I feel like we a finally living our lives the way we have dreamed. Don't worry family, we are still planning on coming back to Utah!
We are really excited to be starting this new chapter in our lives. Sorry about the long post!
I will post some pictures of the house as soon as things get a little more organized.
We love you all!

P.S. Congrats Adam and Jenni on the arrival of Tess! 4lbs 12oz. Sad I am not there to see her! We love you guys!


Jessica said...

so glad you made it there safely! I was really worried about you guys that night.

sad for little Hudson, too. Noah must've gotten what he had because he was vomitting on Saturday night! No fun at all!

I'm happy to hear the transition is going well and yay for a laundry room -- Ayden will get over it soon :)

Jeff & Heidi Bethers said...

That is so exciting!! I am so happy for you :)