Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Dollar Ayden

One of Ayden's favorite TV shows is called "Little Bill." It is a cartoon, created by Bill Cosby about a 5 year old boy, Bill, who lives in New York. I think Ayden likes it so much because he can really relate to a lot of Bill's experiences. Many of Ayden's quotes and vocabulary seem to come from the show as I am surprised to hear him say such sophisticated phrases only to hear them later on the show.
Like the other day I asked Ayden to pick up his toys. "Roger," he says. "Did you just say, Roger?" "Yeah, it means, 'okay'." Clever, I thought. It is amazing some of the things he picks up and I love seeing how his little mind works.
Well, in one episode of "Little Bill," Bill finds a dollar on the ground and the rest of the episode follows what Bill does with it. So the other day, as we are cleaning our bedroom, getting ready for the move, Ayden finds a dollar bill on the floor. He gets very excited, probably imaging all of the things that he will be able to do with it. But he found this one, so intead of a dollar "Bill," he screams, "Look, I found a dollar Ayden!" Clever, I thought.


Ellen said...

I think it's just as clever that you figured out what he meant by dollar Ayden. I probably would have been like, "Whaaa?"

La Familia Bones said...

HI GUYS!!!!! It's Kalli and Jeremy!!!!

I'm glad you guys have a blog now too, so we can be elite and talk about our blogs when we're eating dinner!

I'm going to add you as a link on our blog ok?!

Love you guys! Hope you're loving your new house!