Saturday, February 14, 2009

March 13 at 10:30 am

Wow it's been a long time since I posted! Sorry about that! Well, an update on the family.....
The boys are growing like crazy! I can't believe Ayden starts school this fall. Ayden and Hudson get along so well.....for the most part! They have become best friends and Ayden takes such good care of Hudson. He is always getting him glasses of water, sneaking him snacks, he even puts him down for naps for me sometimes. It's hilarious! I could not have been blessed with better kids!
Spence is doing really well in his residency. He has been working like crazy, but still is enjoying what he does. Thank goodness! He is doing his OB rotation right now. I feel bad that he has to spend all say with crazy pregnant women and then come home to one! He's a trooper!
The pregnancy is going well. I have placenta previa so I will be having a c-section. The date will be March 13 at 10:30 am. It seems weird to know the exact date and time she will come, but it's nice that family can schedule easier to come. Lets hope she holds out until then.
Ayden is getting so excited to have a little sister. Every morning he comes into my bedroom and sings 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' to my tummy. Hudson gives my tummy raspberries all the time. It's silly. Ayden loves to look at all the baby clothes with me and has been helping getting things ready. The other day he walked past the nursery and saw all the pink. He then came up to me and said "Oh, that room is just so cute! The baby is going to love it!"
We finally chose a name for our new arrival. Her name will be Aleena Carlene Smith. At first Ayden was really mad and would argue with us non-stop. He wanted to name her Kailyn. He would yell and cry saying her name was Kailyn and that he refused to call her Aleena. Finally after about 2 months of telling him we were going to name her Aleena whether he wanted us to or not, he gave in. He came up to me with a big sigh and said "I guess you can call her Aleena" He looked so defeated! But since then we have had to more complaints.
We are still loving living in North Carolina. I love my house and love having a car. I am still excited to go to the grocery store sometimes knowing I can buy a bunch of stuff, put it in the trunk and drive home. It's a nice feeling. Ayden and Hudson LOVE going to Costco. It's one of their favorite past time activities.
Sorry nothing too exciting has happened! We are really happy, but still miss our family and friends. We love you all! I will try to be better at posting more frequently!


Jeff and Heidi Bethers said...

Thanks for the update Kristy! I was laughing at your cute boys. I can't wait to start my family! I love the name you chose and hope all goes well with the c-section. Love you guys!!

Lit'l Grandma Connie said...

I can't wait for you to update you site. I can't wait to see my new grand neice. Congratulations. Hope all is well. I am so glad Spence's mom is coming! Candice and Mindy were born the same day. Mom and dad in the Philipines, the boys both had pnemonia, Candice was my third c-section, then I got pleurisy. Life is all good though. Everyday we love on learn. Have so much fun with you little family. Love, Aunt Connie also known as Lit'l Grandma Connie.